Cider #15

1/5/22 - I bought three bags of apples at DeVoe’s Orchard the other day including two bags of macintosh-looking apples, then two of a more yellow big honey-crisp type. Two bags were enough to get the three-gallon carboy filled to below the top (to leave room to ferment). I added about ⅔ of the Lalvin EC-1118 wine yeast packet. I put the carboy upstairs in the closet. The cider is dark and delicious, with a specific gravity of like 1.044, for about 5.6% alcohol potential.

1/19/22 - The airlock almost completely stopped bubbling. There is a thick layer of sediment. I moved the carboy into the cold attic room to “cold crash”.

1/20/22 after a day of cold crashing, it looks very clear.

1/22/22 - I cleaned and sanitized transfer equipment and two mini kegs. I pushed a little CO2 into each keg, then filled each one with the auto-siphon. When it started getting a little sedimenty, I put the rest into 2 little glass bottles, and a little into a pint glass. The mini-keg labeled with an apple is probably the one with slightly less sediment, but both should be good. The cider tastes good, but could use a little time to sit, there is a hint of off flavors, but barely, and I think it’s the type of flavors that go away given a little time. It’s always a little funky at this stage. Fingers crossed! 

I put the mini kegs in the cool room, then thought better of it and moved them to the upstairs closet to age a little.


I drank the more sedimenty bottle from the fridge, it was almost ⅓ sediment. It was fantastic! I’m psyched for what is to come!


The first mini is really really good. Light yellow color, clean refreshing taste, maybe the tiniest hint of something that gives it a little character.


The second mini keg tastes excellent, maybe even slightly cleaner than the first. I filled some bottles to give away and made some 4-pack beer bottle holders out of cardboard.


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