Cider #25: Château J House Cider


I purchased four bags of apples from Devoe’s. The specific gravity suggests cider will have 6% alcohol. I discarded more apples than usual, some were brown and soft. The cider tastes good. I finished pressing the cider and added the campden tablets at 9pm on Friday, by adding five campden tablets while I was pressing the last bag of apples. I soaked the tablets in a bit of cider first, then crushed and mixed, then poured it into the carboy. I added pectic enzyme the next day (Saturday). Then on Sunday I added the yeast and yeast nutrient. I dropped in a half dose (2.5 tsp) yeast nutrient to the 5 gallons, and a packet of Lalvin EC-1118 yeast around noon.


It is fermenting nicely with a lot of foam.


The cider is looking good. It has been fermenting steadily at 70-72 degrees fahrenheit.


I siphoned the cider from the carboy into a 5-gallon keg.


I bottled the cider into lots of big bottles, all with the euro/champagne caps. I added dextrose to bottle condition (1 tsp to the 12 ounce bottles, and 2 tsp to the bigger bottles, 750’s, etc.).


I tried some cider from the mini keg. It seemed possibly kind of funky but I’ll give it time and see.


The cider from the mini keg is very good! A little time has significantly improved it.


I labelled the bottles and tried some, it's not bad!

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