Binghamton parking tickets

I was holding two parking tickets that I haven't paid off for a couple of weeks when I called the phone number written on the tickets.  I asked if they had me in the computers for owing any money.  They said no.  "Word?", I asked.  "Word", said the lady.  I think that when you get a ticket, it's generally assumed that the recipient of that ticket is going to just send it in, so sometimes they don't bother with the hassle of calling it in or whatever.  A while back I had six or seven tickets, some were way overdue, and I knew that I had misplaced some.  So just to be sure, I called and asked how much I owed.  They told me that I owed $20 instead of $100 or so.  I didn't argue, and now I know a secret about parking tickets (in Binghamton, anyway).

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