Syracuse snowboard photo

One day I had a craving to buy something for my snowboard.  So I went to the mall.  The only thing at the mall that might end the craving, however, was a magazine to look at.  I figured I could sort of shop through that, you know?  I looked through most of it, and found this picture. There's a kid snowboarding down it.

A friend of mine goes to Syracuse University, and he used to live in the dorms.  I'd visit him and this staircase is what gets you around.  Then sometimes you run down the roof because it is fun.  This friend of mine says that him and his goons used to steal lunch trays and sled down it.  It was a surprise to see this piece of crap staircase (it's actually a rad staircase, as far as they go) shown off to the world.

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