Puffball Dream

I just woke up from a dream:

We were in a large homey apartment in NYC, or perhaps some foreign city. I went to the cupboard and grabbed a berry pint of "puffballs". There were a dozen or so people in the room including Herb, O, CR, and B. Carro. Each puffball was the size and shape of a small ice cream cone, the cone having a meringeuy interior and an almost tree barky exterior (like the stem of a mushroom that grew out of a tree) with a sugary coating not unlike that of frosted flakes. The round ball top of the ice cream cone was almost a bit doughey, like the giant puffball, and transitioned gradually into the meringuey cone. I pulled out the pint and offered them to the dozen or so people in the room.

Everybody took one, in fact there weren't enough so we had to split a few of them to go around. All agreed that they were delicious.

In the next moment, we had gone out to a Korea Townish area of the city, in fact at this point we could have been in an actual Asian city. Herb was leading us around to have us try different things. First, a few of us bought and shared a bag of large individually-wrapped Doritos, like maybe you were supposed to have just one (as if you could). Underneath red neon words stood the puffball ice cream cone counter. Ambient music surrounded the neon-pierced darkness and set the mood, a simple happy looping high-pitched electronic Asian ditty:


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