My First Kayak Trip

I took a trip to the public boat launch on the north end of Ballston Lake to try out the new kayak, and to see if the lake has thawed yet. It hasn't, which is surprising. Last year it was already thawed as of some time between March 17 and March 21.

I paddled a short way up the marshy Ballston Creek. A beaver and I scared the pants off of each other. There was only a narrow corridor in which to paddle, and we were both cornered. I screamed. Twice, actually. Once because of my initial startlement, and a second time after I realized that I was sitting so low in the water that the angry beaver could easily GET ME if he chose to.

Anyway, I was still cornered and was going to have to paddle directly over the angry beaver. After that I was happy to hurry back to the car.

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