Kayaked Hoosick River

Trip Report

I kayaked for a few hours at the Hoosick River starting at the boat launch area just above the dam in Valley Falls. Here is the route I followed:

I wasn't fishing much, but I caught a 10" small mouth bass close to shore. I saw several big carp in the water. For the most part, the water was still. In fact if I stood still, the wind blew me upstream. A few later sections had some mild rapids. One section was work to paddle against the current. The trip was not terribly exciting. It would have been better fishing in the canoe, because fishing in my little kayak is awkward. Here is a look down what I called "rapids":


* Hoosick River Paddling Map - Click on the small map and you will get a huge version of the map.
* Hoosick River Kayakers - Maniacs elsewhere on the Hoosick

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