Homemade Hot Sauce

"I may die"

My friend D hooked me up with some nice little orange hot peppers he grew in his garden. Without thinking, I put them in a candy dish in the kitchen. When M got home and wanted a snack, she munched on one of the peppers. I got a message that evening with the words "I may die" and the picture to the right:

After the dust settled from that debacle, I set to work turning the peppers into something useful, hot sauce. We were grilling steak, chicken, corn, and eggplant for the week. While I was at it I threw on some beets for making beet juice. Ordinarily I steam beets, but thought this would be a nice flavor enhancing idea. Unfortunately the beets became "steak and chicken infused" which makes for gross beet juice. I also put on the grill the remaining three hot peppers, three large orange sweet peppers, a whole onion skin-and-all, and about half a head of garlic. I contacted my friend J who has made some great hot sauce in the past and he passed down his age-old recipe:

Grind into puree... them simmer (like 3 min not long)... then puree again add acid (aka vinegar).

I removed the peels from the hot peppers, sweet peppers, onion, and garlic, then did what he said with the roasted veggies and voila, out came some incredibly tasty and boy howdy spicy hot sauce.

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