Yew Berries

A friend recently pointed out that most pine needs are edible and can be used to make tea or chewed. I'm not sure about all the details, but one particular type of pine needle is poisonous, and that is the yew. The yew is a common plant used in landscaping. They are in most yards including my own. Apparently everything about the yew is dangerously poisonous including the seed. However, the red flesh around the seed is delicious and edible. I tore apart a few seeds (a messy operation), discarded the poisonous seed inside, and tasted the red fleshy parts of a few seeds.

I know that for myself personally if I brush past certain types of pine needles, I sometimes break out in a large allergic rash so I should probably be extra careful when eating anything to do with pine trees. It might not have been related, but after eating the red berries, my belly made a groan or two. I think it is just my stomach's way of saying, 'hey be careful up there'.

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