Potstickers for Dinner

I made potstickers for dinner tonight. Lately I have been focusing on a certain type of meal. My idea is to spend an evening making labor-intensive food for which the hard work can be done ahead of time and frozen. Later, you can pull it out of the freezer and have a very good homemade meal to eat in a jiffy. The plan is to make large batches so that one session of hard work can produce several meals. So far the two meals that have worked well like this are potato gnocchi and potstickers. I used Alton Brown's recipe for potstickers and they tasted delicious!

I tried deep-frying one batch to see how it would taste. The fried version tasted good, but they were even better sautéed then steamed like proper potstickers.


Alton Brown's Perfect Pot Stickers - I made a double batch, ate some, and froze the rest.


Good Eats - Potstickers (part 1)
Good Eats - Potstickers (part 2)

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