Mt. Colvin Rainbow

While hiking Mount Colvin today, the clouds parted just long enough to expose this rainbow. I've never seen anything like it, looking down on a huge rainbow with no sky behind it.

One other piece of magic occurred that day. On the walk up the lake road, we looked into a deep crystal clear pool behind a small dam and discussed whether there are any trout in there. It looks so fishy, yet you can see everything and you can see that there are no fish. We guess that if you cast a lure perfectly without the fish knowing you were there, they would come out of some unexpected hiding places. Seven hours later, on the hike out, we tiptoed up to the pool, and watched for a while. Suddenly a fish swam out of nowhere to eat a fly off the surface. I yelled, "fish!", S yelled, "where"? I pointed and the fish surfaced a second time before disappearing into the background.

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