Making Gjetost

I used the recipe from the book, "Home Cheese Making" to make the gjetost. I think that technically gjetost means "goat cheese", and I used cow's milk, so the real name for this is mysost (or mesost) which means "whey cheese" or brunost (brown cheese). Technically it's not cheese because it is not made from curds, so as I understand it, all of these names are wrong, so I just use my favorite name, gjetost. The recipe in this book is excellent. I used the leftover whey from making cheddar earlier in the day. It's largely a matter of boiling the whey down into a thick fudge-like consistency:

Here is the mysost in the final stages:

Here is the final product:

I translated some Scandinavian web pages discussing mesost because there are not many pages to be found in English, and most everything I came across sounded really unusual. Apparently it goes well with asparagus schnapps and raw herring:

"Whey cheese, sour herring and so a small SIP asparagus liquor, it was good!"

I also found a a recipe for Mesost and Reindeer.

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