Making Feta and Blue Cheese

We made cheese this weekend using 6 gallons of unpasteurized milk.

We used 2 gallons of goats milk to make homemade feta cheese:

We used the other 4 gallons of cows milk to make two wheels of homemade blue cheese. Here is a picture of the larger one. We added some of the mold from some supermarket roquefort cheese. The wheel is the size of a birthday cake:

Both of these cheeses will need to age for a while before we can try them out.

5/19 Update

After just 5 days, mold has started growing on the surface. Not just any mold. BLUE mold from FRANCE.

6/23 Update

The basement is about 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the recommended temperature for ageing blue cheese. Over the last several weeks, the cheese has slowly turned to ooze and developed a questionable odor. Finally, it degraded into *really* nasty brown ooze and so I flushed it down the garbage disposal. Luckily the much larger hunk of blue cheese should be ageing in a friend's appropriately-chilled refrigerator.

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