A hurricane swept through the northeast today. I took a quick ride around Clifton Park in search of trouble. In the end it was relieving to see that there was not much damage in my neck of the woods. I visited a few spots where tiny creeks flow through the neighborhood. Here is what is ordinarily a small trickle through the intersection of Kinns road and Plank road:

I stopped by a spot where I had previously tried kayaking, where the water level was very low even after a long period of rain. The water level was much higher and faster today. Because the water level is high, and there is a lot of additional debris in the water, the water still did not look very kayak-friendly.

I saw the road-kill version of the biggest frog I have ever seen. Be warned! It is a picture of a dead frog, although mostly it's just an upside-down frog so it's not too bad. Click here if you want to see it. Poor guy.

A portion of plank road was flooded. This was the only place where I saw the road buried under a significant amount of water. It was maybe 6 inches at it's deepest. The lawns nearby were riverbeds.

Along the way I saw a plot of land for sale. The land was completely submerged in water. If you are looking to buy land, do not buy it here unless you want to build a house on stilts!


* Images from local weatherman

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