Cider #12


I rode my bike to Hannaford and picked a bunch of nice apples from the tree in front of the supermarket.

I squeezed 3 gallons of juice from apples into the 3-gallon carboy. Specific gravity = 1.055 -> alcohol potential of 6.9%!! I tossed in some Red Star Premiere Blanc yeast. The juice was light-colored, and dropped an insane amount of sediment quickly (see the second photo, which was taken just after juicing):


I siphoned the cider from the carboy into a 5-gallon keg, filling the keg halfway. The keg is now sitting in the basement.


I transferred 1.5 gallons from the 5-gallon keg to a mini keg. While I was at it I poured a glass of warm, still cider. It's not bad. Definitely drinkable. Boring color. Hint of funk. Slight cloudiness. I’m interested to taste it once it’s chilled and carbonated!


The cider has chilled in the fridge, and is carbonated. I still need to work out some kinks with carbonating and serving, but the cider came out very good. It’s got a slight hint of something besides clean cider, B described it as clove, honestly it’s just enough to keep it interesting. I think this is the first time I’ve made a larger batch (3 gallons) of cider I’m happy with, as in cider worth sharing.

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