Chicken Fat Mushroom


A large group of Chicken Fat Mushrooms (Suilus Americanus) appeared on my lawn. These are edible, but apparently have a bunch of things going against them. According to some internet sources:

1) Touching the mushroom causes a poison ivy-like reaction in some people.
2) Touching the mushroom stains your fingers brown, which I can attest to.
3) Some people have some stomach problems after eating this mushroom.
4) Some say it doesn't taste very good compared to other boletes.
5) Wipe the slimy caps with a paper towel to avoid subsequent restroom visits.

The Chicken Fat Mushroom only grows beneath Eastern White Pine trees. I read somewhere that it is called the "Chicken Fat Mushroom" on account of its color, softness, and sliminess. I cooked a small bit of the mushroom and gave it a taste. It wasn't bad. It had a very mild fruity flavor. It had the texture of cooked bananas, and may have had a mild banana flavor.


This year after a few days of rain, we grew another large pile of these mushrooms. I brought some inside, and prepared the following menu:

Main Course
Paprika Lime Bluefish

On the Side
Swiss Chard, Beet, and Chicken Fat Suillus Medley

The mushrooms are very slimy. They have been described as being similar to escargots, which is a nice way of putting a positive spin on the flavor. How is it? Il goûte comme des escargots (it tastes like snails). Mmmmm. Magnifique.

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