Another trip to the Salmon River

We went to the Salmon River once again today.  It was me, Sam, and Joe.  Good ol' Joe was in town in order to try and catch a fish.  We got skunked, except that I caught a big, nasty, ugly, dirty sucker fish.  I snagged it in the head.  The old man that owns the land that we were fishing from (I think it's the husband of the lady that was very rude to us the first day, when I snagged the one salmon) caught a fish, and the old lady offered it to us.  The old man had a lot to say to us later, about why he doesn't keep the fish and stuff.  We took the fish home, cut it up at Sam's, and deep-fried a bunch of nice steaks.  It was very good.  Now I have a bunch more in the freezer, if anyone wants to come over and have some.  Mmmm mmm.  It would be nice to catch one of our own, but I think the season is pretty much over so it will have to wait a year, I think.  Just to remember, the old guy said that 2 weeks ago was pretty much the end of the really good Salmon River fishing.

The old guy had a couple of odd and funny things to say.  He swore a lot, so I'll have to edit it for content a little:
(these aren't direct quotes)
"These fish don't bite the lures.  They don't eat anything.  The only way to get them is by snagging.  You just better hope that there's no game warden watching when you pull it in."
"I've been here a long time, and I know where the fish hang out, so I just drop the hooks on them.  I catch a few every day."
"I don't eat these fish.  They're nasty.  Eating salmon's like eating bullheads." (Whatever that means)

Joe said some funny things as well, most of which I won't remember:
"There's definetly a finger aimed my way after that manoevre." (After badly cutting some guy off in the car)
"Ohhhhhhh!" (After seeing the huge pool of reproductive juice that the salmon squirted all over the trunk of his car)
"Breakup speed" (At around 75 MPH his car starts freaking out, not that we were driving that fast or anything)
The poor kid has to go to work far, far away tomorrow.  He left here at midnight.  D'oh!

I found a nice pair of awesome fishing sunglasses on top of the toilet paper holder in McDonalds that makes me look like a super-fisherman (tool).  Particularly when I combine it with my fashionable new fishing vest.  Fishing vests rule.  We were just fooling around, and in a few minutes we were able to fit 30 cans of soda pop or whatever into the pockets - with plenty of room to spare for the less important fishing gear, and no discomfort or awkwardness.

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