720 Arcade Joystick

720 Arcade Joystick


Joystick Pictures
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720° Arcade Circular Spinner Joystick MAME modification


Some dimensions of the joystick shaft, not drawn to scale. Measurements were done with my eyes and a measuring tape, so they are not perfect. (Click on the any of the pictures on this page for a larger view.)
Top view of the joystick, looking down. The joystick handle consists of a metal rod with a ball on top of it. Along the metal rod are 2 white balls with a black rubber cylinder between them. Also, there is a little roller on the end (see next pic). The joystick will only move around in a circle - the circumference, if you will.
This roller is the bridge between the joystick handle and the spinner axle.
The roller is placed into the rectangular uhh... spinner restrictor? This rectangle is the only thing preventing the joystick from moving to the center position.
Roller-hole to the left, spinner axle to the left.
The spinner axle on the other side.
First, the bike-chain contraption is hooked up. This privedes a little bit of friction, so that the joystick doesn't 'fall' into the down position due to gravity when the control panel is at a slant.
Here is the first encoder wheel, consisiting of 72 notches.
Here is the second encoder wheel, consisting of to notches. This is used to calibrate the joystick each time it has spun.
This is just more casing/protection.


The secret second spinner ring
Dual IR emitters
The sub-surface portion of the joystick is 8 inches tall!!!
The gears and chain and weird thing in these pictures are to add friction to the joystick. As someone on the byoac message board pointed out...
...the control panel in the arcade is at a hefty slant. If the spinner moved frictionlessly free then the weight of the joystick knob itself would make the joystick drop into the 'down' position when it wasn't touched. That's would be a little bit annoying. The pointy thing, he suggested, is just a grease nipple for ensuring its smooth operation.