Baby Carrot Quality Control

Man, they just don't make baby carrots like they used to. Check out this recent batch:

What is happening at our carrot factories?

Green Mountain Marathon

I ran the Green Mountain Marathon in South Hero, Vermont this weekend. My left knee was really sore and prevented me from training for a few weeks before the marathon. It was sore before I started running this morning. However, after 5 miles or so it felt better. It felt better as my other knee and hips and things started feeling sore. I made it to the halfway mark without too much of a problem, although I was getting sore and tired. I think that is when my lack of training over the last couple of weeks took effect. The second half was all pretty difficult. Up until mile 18 or 20 or so I was sort of keeping up reasonably well, but I was dwindling. After mile 22 it was REALLY tough. I walked a lot. I walked hills, mile markers, rest stops (anywhere that I could justify a break). At around mile 24, I took a rest stop. When I move to get going again, my left knee felt pretty bad, and my system felt like it was failing - my head and particularly my ears felt really hot, and I had a cold sweat. I walked it off, and it passed. I did the marathon shuffle for most of the last mile.

Overall, it was not a great run (from the beginning I did no feel very good, I had no confidence). Also, the only food on the course was 3 gooey packets. 2 of the packets that I took at first had caffeine. I drank a good amount. For the first half I probably drank a little cup of water or gatorade at every station (every 2-3 miles), and after that I grabbed 3 cups half-gatorade (which usually amounted to 1 full 12 ounce cup) at every station. I and took 4 or 5 bathroom breaks.

After the race, it was really hard to walk. My hips feel swollen, but not too bad. My knees are really sore, and it makes it hard to walk. My left foot hurts, just above the arch. I have one toenail that feels pretty bad. My upper body feels fine.

The race itself was really awesome. $25, a beautiful island run, and a nice long-sleeved cotton shirt to boot.

4h:17min, 9.8 minute miles.
258/416 finishers

Burden Lake Fishing

I managed to get out fishing a couple of times. I got skunked twice at Round Lake, and caught some fish twice at Burden Lake. Giant fish were jumping all over Round Lake, they just weren't biting what I had to offer. At Burden Lake there were plenty of nice perch, pickerel, and bass to catch. The bass made a nice fish fry. Here are some pictures from early in the morning at Burden Lake:

I was getting skunked at Round Lake while the pressure was flat then increasing (see the first two yellow bars), then I was catching fish at Burden Lake when the pressure started dropping (see the second two yellow bars):

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Ween Concert

I went to go see the band Ween play a concert in Central Park (NYC) this weekend. You can listen to the entire concert courtesy of

Excellent Lake Fishing

We fished in a lake in Averill Park for 2 morning hours before work and had the best day of lake fishing I've seen around here. It was perfect fishing weather. Totally overcast, not particularly warm. Rain sprinkled lightly very briefly. Here's what we caught (not including a bunch of smaller bass):

3 keeper large mouth bass
2 biggish perch (threw one back)
1 sunfish (probably the biggest I've seen around here)
1 keeper crappie
2 pickerel (they looked big enough to keep, but released them)

This was a great day of fishing during a very flat period of air pressure:

Adirondack Mud

I went for a day hike through the Adirondacks on Saturday covering Dial, Nippletop, Colvin, Blake, Haystack, and Sawteeth mountains. It is 3 days later, and my toenails are still stained black with Adirondack mud despite repeated daily scrubbing:

Gray Treefrog

There is an animal that makes a lot of sound outside our house. I was able to narrow his location down the the bush he was in, and I recorded his sounds. I compared it to all the frog and toad sounds on this site and I think that it's a gray treefrog. Here's a recording of our frog:


He started competing with himself when I played his recording back to him. Anyway, hopefully one day I'll be able to spot the little guy. Apparently he's only an inch or two long.

Making Feta and Blue Cheese

We made cheese this weekend using 6 gallons of unpasteurized milk.

We used 2 gallons of goats milk to make homemade feta cheese:

We used the other 4 gallons of cows milk to make two wheels of homemade blue cheese. Here is a picture of the larger one. We added some of the mold from some supermarket roquefort cheese. The wheel is the size of a birthday cake:

Both of these cheeses will need to age for a while before we can try them out.

5/19 Update

After just 5 days, mold has started growing on the surface. Not just any mold. BLUE mold from FRANCE.

6/23 Update

The basement is about 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the recommended temperature for ageing blue cheese. Over the last several weeks, the cheese has slowly turned to ooze and developed a questionable odor. Finally, it degraded into *really* nasty brown ooze and so I flushed it down the garbage disposal. Luckily the much larger hunk of blue cheese should be ageing in a friend's appropriately-chilled refrigerator.

Pegasus Sighting

There was a Pegasus in Troy, NY today and I had my picture taken with it.


I found a pair of morel mushrooms on some railroad tracks in Schaghticoke, NY this morning. Morels are a rare gourmet delicacy, and are the ultimate discovery for a mushroom hunter. I have only seen them twice in my life before today.

Check out "The Great Morel" site for a map of morel sightings for this year, and for lots of interesting information about morels.